After receiving so many responses to this post, I thought perhaps we could all use a few ideas on how to actually and practically seek & find Him amidst the busy. Below are a few things I feel help me keep the calm throughout the crazy.

ps – I love you guys.
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Books & Devotionals:

  • Shepherds Abiding, by Jan Karon {I read this every single year before Thanksgiving to set the tone of my season}
  • 31 Family Devotions for Christmas, by MariLee Parrish {this one seems to be out of print. But about 6 years ago we found it at a local bookstore for $.99, and we’ve used it each Advent since. Be on the lookout for a simple devotional – that’s what I love about this one. It’s short yet inspiring.}
  • Taking the Advent Story Home, from Vibrant Faith Ministries {this was my idea and baby! =) It’s a free PDF download, written by the entire VFM team, board members, spouses, and friends. Each day includes a devotion, conversation questions, service ideas, and a tradition to try}
  • The Greatest Gift, by Ann Voskamp {this is a brand-new daily devotional for Advent, and it’s lovely}


  • Weigh the worth of each event, every cookie baked, each gift purchase, and make a judgement call. Is it the best way to spend your time and dollars?
  • Start saying no. Even to the good things. If it’s too much, it’s too much.
  • End each day quietly. Turn on your tree lights, light a fire, and just sit, if only for a few minutes.
  • Even if you find your schedule jam-packed and your kitchen in shambles and not a present under the tree… He is still there to be found. Pausing for a deep breath and remembering this has proven helpful to me.

Let’s help our sisters out. What are your favorite resources, songs, movies, stories and tips for bringing and keeping the calm to your season, even amidst your busyness? Please, please share below. Your voice will bless!

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