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This weeks prompt: LISTEN*


He babbles constantly these days, my little Boy. Hosting imaginary dinner parties, talking to his beloved stuffed Puppy, pretending on the fake phone. He talks and laughs and coos.

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I have listened to his noises since before he was born, absolutely living to hear his precious heartbeat. For a while, that microphone machine placed on my belly was the only thing that could quell the pit in my nervous stomach. But now he’s a living breathing darling little Boy, and he talks.

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feeding puppy some cracker.

He talks with his hands, signing and grabbing for things he wants while pushing things he doesn’t want away. He talks with his newfound toddler voice, bellowing loud and whispering soft and hitting all decibels in between. And he actually speaks words – not baby gibberish – surprising me daily with new ones he’s picked up. Today he repeated after me the word ‘happy‘. Last week he learned his auntie’s name, and says it daily. ‘Amy‘. And his favorite words remain: mama. daddy. puppy.

I will listen to his words until I am out of breath. I pray he keeps speaking happy and family and love. For each sound that escapes his sweet mouth, I am grateful (though there are car rides where the gratitude lies deep under gritted teeth. Just keeping it real.)

And I have to wonder, what does he hear when he listens to me?


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– anna
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