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This weeks prompt: IN BETWEEN


When my little Boy is happily playing, dashing from toy to toy and room to room. After bath and songs and kisses, when the stars begin to emerge from behind their hiding places in the heavens. In the late night hours, hot tea and James Taylor keeping me awake. These are the moments when I write.

When the Boy cranks down on the laptop, wanting my total attention. The times I steal an extra moment in the bathroom or the driveway, before walking into the house. As Husby and I sit behind backlit screens, side by side on our overstuffed hand-me-down couch. These are the moments I fight the choice we’ve made for me to pull double duty, working & mothering in the same breath.

When I take the Boy to Starbucks to split an oatmeal, him slurping a once-a-week juice box and I sipping my chai. When I get to witness him learning new words and moves and skills. When I can send emails in the wee hours and draft document proposals before dawn and be connected to my teammates all across the country in a split second. When going to a movie with Husby is a huge treat and holding his hand quietly thrills my heart. These are the moments when I come alive.

All these moments lived in between, and I am beginning to see; it’s in the in between that I’ve found myself.


Five Minute Friday

– anna
{girl with blog}

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