I’m not sure how my fingers were led to these keys. The prompt has more than one meaning, and of course I gravitated towards my favorite one =) I just finished a book with a sad beginning, and I think that’s why my brain took my fingertips where it did.

This weeks promptFALL*


It feels like fall, though it’s June. It’s strange, actually, to wear sweaters and jeans and hear the high will be 60, then see trees budding and green and lush lawns when it feels like the foliage should be all fiery red. Fall hasn’t always been my favorite; for a long time, I listed winter as my fave. I do love it – the melancholy grey and the snow speak to my heart. But fall lights me up. Fall is a gateway to all of my favorite days, which happen to occur in the late fall and early winter. Pumpkin spice lattes, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Advent, my sons birthday, Christmas… all my absolute favorite days of the year. The smells and sounds that fall brings a spring to my step and a sparkle into my soul.

I’ve always found it fascinating that fall trees are brilliant in their annual dying. They are brightest at their end, which isn’t actually their real end, it’s just a break until they return. An incredible, tangible way to be reminded of the promise of Jesus’ coming, and our own life cycle. When I think about those I love who have passed, I think of trees in the fall: fiery bright, trusting in the One who will welcome them Home, where they’ll revel in Him and the new life they have.


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– anna
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