Husby and I really don’t have secrets. We practice simple honesty – our concept of saying the hard things, the scary things, the things that really matter, out loud. 5 years of marriage, 2 years of dating/engagement, and knowing him for over 7 years before that – that’s a lot of simple honesty. I am so grateful that he still loves me and honestly, totally baffled by it.


We spend our days together, working side by side as our baby runs circles around us {quite literally}. We carpool as much as we can, grabbing moments together in the car. When the Boy wakes in the middle of the night, we both get up (to be fair, Husby stays up with him. He’s got the ability to sleep anywhere, including on the paws of the gigantic polar bear on The Boy’s floor. So they snuggle to sleep in the wee hours and I stay awake but in our bed.) Our meals are made together in the kitchen, our groceries are shopped for together, our lives completely intertwined as a team.

He has seen me through my darkest hour, holding my hand and crying alongside. Since the day I got ill on our honeymoon, he has let me rest my head on his stomach while I’m on the toilet. He’s picked up my used kleenex piles off the floor when I’ve got a cold. He brings me real Coke when I’m sick, and when I was pregnant and wanted fountain Sierra Mist, he went to three gas stations at 11pm.

He has come to my defense with honorable words. He has believed in my dreams, the big crazy ones (moving, having a family, working part-time) and the everyday ones (painting my refrigerator pink). He sends me out of the house when he knows I need a break, some space, a coffee. He makes sure I shower at least 3x a week and pulls The Boy out of the bathroom so I can use it alone. =)


He built our sons crib. He coached me through labor, never once leaving my side. He handed me our baby boy for the first time.

Plus he’s hot. And he makes ridiculously cute babies with me. So there’s that.

My husband is truly a phenomenal man, an incredible husband, a terrific father. I am humbled and a little shaky at the depth of my gratitude for him. I’m so thankful that we’re tangled up together, not a secret between us. There are enough tiny secrets between other people, the unspoken truth about our feelings that we don’t all-the-way let out with friends or family. To have an oasis of honesty is deep relief.

Who is your oasis of honesty?

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