of October!!
One of the reasons I love blogging is that I love to read blogs. I’m a big ol’ snoop. If I use your bathroom, chances are I may have peeked in your medicine cabinet. I KNOW!! It’s a character flaw. I just love getting a glimpse into your lives! I’m the weirdo who loves it when it’s dark outside and the lights are on in your kitchen and I can see your family doing family things.

I have never sounded creepier than I do right now.

Will I be redeemed if I offer you an unedited peek into our day? The first day of October? In pictures? Please say yes. And please still like me, even though I’m a freak show.

yes, that’s a rug on my coffee table.
don’t judge. it’s clean.

how he entertains himself while I gaze over Mt. St. Laundry. Toys? Nah – I want the baby gate that’s not even up yet!

I said unedited. I meant ‘no makeup’.
My tiny Boy is so good at being his own nursing cover, isn’t he?

hard to tell, but this video monitor is unreal. one of our favorite baby items.
a little work during naptime

simple whole food crockpot recipe: apple juice, pork chops, apples. chop apples; layer on bottom of crock. top w/chops. pour juice over top. cook low for 8hrs. you can add brown sugar and ginger if you like. so good!

awake for snack time

squeezing in a little work on the porch
nursing and nap. and puppy.

waiting for daddy.

this tree was ethereal in its autumn beauty. unbelieveable.

And there you have it! A fairly typical day, mostly caught on camera. 
linking up for the first time w/journey to josie.

– anna
{girl with blog}

{girl with blog}

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