Oh my dear friends in this here computer. Thank you for your sweet comments on Husby’s vlog post. You bless me, you know that?! Y’all made me teary and grin-ny all day long yesterday. Thank you. ps – by posting that vlog he was entered in a drawing for an iPad, which would be a HUGE blessing to him/us. I’ll let you know if he wins =)

I’m just popping in quick to ask you for your prayers, please, as we’re flying out for the Allume conference in just a few hours! I am so anxious about this trip. The housesitter is ready, suitcases packed, carryons stuffed, and uffda, we’re flying with a super active little baby boy. Please pray for him – for a spirit of joy, ears that don’t hurt from pressure, and that he may even fall asleep. Please pray for the other passengers – that they’ll offer needed grace and patience. And for me and Husby – that we would be patient and gracefilled with ourselves and our Boy, and that the caffeine won’t wear off.

Cause we’re running on caffeine and grace, folks. But really, what else do you need? =)

Follow our trip on Twitter and Facebook, if you like =) And thanks again, friends.

{girl with blog}

{girl with blog}

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