We linger over weekends, soaking in every drop of one another. Suppertime lasts longer when it’s eaten slowly on the back porch, baby bellied up to the table, mama and daddy smiling over glasses of lemonade. Through the park we stroll, letting the dog off her leash to run after a coveted tennis ball, and baby giggles watching his puppy run. There’s a hint of promised autumn in the after-dinner air; a few leaves of sumac already shine crimson.

I feel the coming change of season, and it quickens my heart. There are too many good things to jam into a few short months, and I am giddy thinking of diving in. Crisp air, trips to the apple orchard, crockery cooking, sweaters and boots, trees on fire with color, pumpkin everything, the air laced with the smell of fireplace season. And all this gives way to the Christmas season, and this year my son’s first birthday…

Sometimes my heart is like to burst with the joy of it.

By most mid-Augusts, I’m done with heat and ready for November weekends. But these summer weekends have been deeper, richer, finer, than most. I’ve taken my baby boychild swimming in lakes. We’ve gone as a family on a few good retreats to camps we love. Weddings have been celebrated with dear friends, days have been spent with cherished family. I even took some time away from my boys and traveled to New York for BlogHer12. We’ve gone to the pool, the beach, the park. Most of our weekend suppers come off the grill, tasting of charcoal and summer. Popsicles take residence in my freezer, and we frequent DIY froyo stores. I’ve even read a few books just for fun (glory be!) We’ve cheered on the Olympians, danced in our kitchen, and watched the sun go down.

We’ve done summer weekends really well, and for the first time in perhaps my entire life, I will be a wee bit wistful when they end. But just a wee bit. =)

How have you embraced summer weekends?

{girl with blog}

{girl with blog}

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