I’m here! I’m fine! I’m alive!

I just don’t have words or time to think of any.

Oh, if you could only read the posts I compose in my head! They’re beautiful, well thought out, grammatcally correct, full of passion and meaning and metaphors. But then instead of writing them, I roll over and go to sleep or shower or play with Sam or eat something.

I think too that I’m having a little voice confusion. I know this is my place to fill up as I wish, but my fingers on the keyboard  lately feel unnatural and stunted. The having of an audience is giving me stage fright. I know the solution is simply to write until I feel like I’m back in my own skin, but this ol’ first hurdle syndrome of mine is flaring up something fierce. You know, where you fear the first hurdle so much that you give up to avoid it? That.

So bear with me while I figure out where my voice has gone, though I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll find it in my sons eyes.

{girl with blog}

{girl with blog}

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