Did I tell you that The Boy stands up now? Pulls himself up on whatever’s handy and stands, so proud of himself.

He used to bounce in that bouncy seat. That bouncy seat was how mama got a shower. Now he uses it to stand up on his own teeny tiny adorable two feet.

He also crawls, and prefers to crawl underneath things, making any object a fort. His exersaucer, my desk chair, the bunk beds at camp…

This little mister is a crawling fool. Just scoots around any room like he owns it. Which he pretty much does.

Also, he can fall asleep anywhere, just like his daddy. Not that he does this often (the whole sleeping thing, that is), but it’s happened enough where we know it’s possible. Take this – snoozing on mama at the beach:

He is such a boy. I think that maybe when I was pregnant, an ittybittysupertiny part of me wanted a girl (and someday I would), but I love my darling rough-n-tumble baby boy.

This boy.

{girl with blog}

{girl with blog}

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