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When You Want to Give Up
In this chapter, I loved the imagery of Peter in the fishing boat. The authors’ emphasized Peter’s reaction came alive for me: ‘All that work for nothing! Wasted effort, wasted time. I should just quit.‘ For sure I’ve had that thought in the last 6 months, and before that too. So far, the only time as a mom that i feel like my efforts are not fruitful is when it comes to the Boy’s sleep habits. They’re terrible – as in none of us get much sleep! Right now he’s too little to really make me feel bad about the pouring in that goes without knowing if it’s making a difference, but I imagine that as the Boy grows up and starts to talk and think and make choices, it will absolutely become more difficult. I’m sure – positive, actually – that there were times when my mother wondered if all she was pouring in was turning to good fruit in us, because we weren’t showing her good.

Delayed fruit. =)

However, I also know it’s not too early to do good by him. I am committed to do my best to make sure that he knows how loved he is, by me, his daddy and family, and by a very big God who thought him up in the first place. Husby and I have a special phrase that we reserve for needed occasions. We say no matter what. I had it engraved on the inside of his wedding ring. Those little words – no matter what – is our promise to each other, and now our promise to The Boy. No matter what, I am committed to him. No matter what kind of personality he has, what kind of trouble he gets into, what his attitude is like… no matter what.

 I will never give up on my family, and I will never give up on God’s ability to move in their hearts.

Let’s chat:

  • What does ‘God meeting you in your mess’ mean to you?
  • Have you ever felt like Peter did after that night of fishing?
  • Are you ready to proclain to the world that you will never give up on your family?
Leave a comment with your responses, and be sure to check back to read through and respond to other comments! Also, feel free to write about this topic on your own blog and link up below. If you choose to do this, please include a link back to this post so your readers can hop over and join in. Thank you!

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