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Sometimes it Takes an Altar


In both of our families there have been people who have left each other. Women and men, both abandoning ship when things got hard or ‘better’ things came along. When we got married, we discussed and prayed and declared that in our marriage, leaving for good would never be an option*. Now that The Boy is in the picture, leaving for good is still not an option. However, leaving for a short while is necessary.

Throughout this study, we’ve established that we don’t get much of a break. The thing is, taking a break is imperative for my sanity. I’ve told you that the Boy does not adore his car seat, so I don’t get to leave the house daily. When Husby comes home and sees ‘the look’ (you know, the one that says ‘this is my 4th shirt of the day, I got pooped on, the dog barked and woke up the Boy, and someone on Facebook said their child sleeps for 12 hours at night. I need a break’) in my eyes, it’s time for me to bolt for a while. But sometimes he doesn’t see ‘the look’, or sometimes he has to work nights and I can’t get away. Then what?

Those times, I need an altar (which is just a safe place to connect with the sacred). For me, this place takes many forms. One day it may be in the shower, while the Boy is happy and safe in his bouncy seat, and I can sing at the top of my lungs while the steamy water ministers to me. Another day, maybe we’ll take a walk together, the breeze rustling his little baby hairs and mama breathing in the rustling leaves. Once in a while it’s nursing the Boy on the deck in the twilight, gazing at the appearing stars and the pond with its ducks, praying for his future self and mine and Husby’s. For a couple months out of the year it’s on the couch in front of the Christmas tree. I could sit there for hours (and sometimes I do).

Sometimes the altar is an act rather than a place. Baking has always been a soothing activity for me, and God and I have had many a chat over the mixing bowl, flour and sugar. Shopping too (what??? The aisles of Target are holy ground, right???) can be calming, and a good place to talk with God.


aybe my altars sound crazy to you, and that’s ok! We each have our own places where we intentionally connect with God. I want my son to grow up knowing that he doesn’t have to be at church to have a conversation with the Lord. I want him to see his daddy and I spending time at our own everyday altars, and to create and cultivate his own.

Let’s chat:

  • Have you ever just wanted to walk away?
  • Share an interesting place you’ve knelt at the altar of God!


Leave a comment with your responses, and be sure to check back to read through and respond to other comments! Also, feel free to write about this topic on your own blog and link up below. If you choose to do this, please include a link back to this postso your readers can hop over and join in. Thank you!


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*We can commit to this because we are in a loving and Christ centered marriage with mutual respect and care. It is my opinion that if your marriage or relationship is abusive in any way, leaving is an option. Being safe is non-negotiable. You may have a different opinion about this subject and I welcome your input, but please know that hateful or aggressive comments about this will be deleted.

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