Samuel, sweet darling Sam, I have prayed for you for years. I will pray over you for years to come – all of your years, I will be covering you in prayer. As your mother, I worry about your everything – are you breathing happy hungry sleepy cold – and that means I pray for your everything too. And not just those baby things, but your future big boy things, which is funny because a bunch of them overlap. When you’re 13, I will still be worrying/praying about if you are breathing happy hungry sleepy or cold, but I will also be praying about bullies school friends girls attitude and health.

Samuel Robert, I pray so. many. good things for you. Joy, deep uplifting friendships, pride in your accomplishments, a deep sense of belonging to us and to the God who adores you… so many things I can’t even articulate but hear in my heart. Above all I pray you know the depth of love that God has, that He shows you through us loving you.

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