In lots of ways, it was a typical Sunday. We went to church, got a coffee treat on the way home, made brunch, took naps, grilled outside, had bath and bed… But today was a little different.

morning snuggles.

Today I was a mom on Mother’s Day.

my babies =)
Now it’s all over the web – people who don’t think Mother’s Day is cool. They say it’s just a ploy from Hallmark and florists, and that it makes moms look greedy, and causes seperation and sadness, and is unnecessary.

pretty sure this is the face he’ll make when he’s a big boy and I try to steal a smooch =)
But I love Hallmark {I even worked there at two different points in my life!}. I like to think I’m not greedy. The seperation and sadness I can see, because I’ve been there. I’m still there, in a way. That could be it’s own post. But unnecessary? What’s unnecessary about celebrating people? I think it’s all kinds of wonderful that there are celebrations built right into the calendar.

So today, we celebrated the extraordinary. We celebrated Sam, this lovely charming little boy who made me a mommy. There were cards and pink tulips and donuts. There were gifts of a CD Husby knew I’d love, and sweet little daisy earrings ‘from’ Sam. Husby wrote me a song {i. know. Swoon…} that he’ll add a verse to each Mother’s Day {swoon again…} Pictures were taken of our precious family and we loved our moms hard. We remembered the baby we lost, the pregnancy tests with only one line, the four years we waited…

Today we celebrated our journey.


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