Sweet Lisa-Jo hosts a weekly linkup at the Gypsy Mama called 5 minute Friday. That’s exactly what you do – write for ‘five minutes flat {on the given topic} – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking’.

And right now, Sam is asleep so five minutes is just about what I’ve got =)

This week Lisa-Jo’s Facebook friends chose the topic of identity.


For years I wanted my identity to be mama. Even after pokes and prods and loss and grief and aches and tears, I longed for a new identity. A new name. A new purpose. And maybe that’s ok, to want to change or add to your identity. Because it propels us along to (often) better things, to (often) better versions of ourselves.

But sisters, let’s remember our deeper identity. We are first daughters of a great big God. We are first loved – beloved – warrior princesses. Our identities may include mama, wifey, sister, friend, employee, homemaker… but there is a primary aspect to who we are in our core.

We are His.

And if that is our only identity, it is enough.



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