The book sat in my ‘to-read’ pile, first on the nightstand, then on a weathered apple crate beside my old yellow desk. “I’ll get to it soon”, I told myself confidently, ignoring the twitch of my heart; I didn’t really want to get to it. The cover made it look like something I’d love – fresh, pretty, pink, words of affirmation… But what I knew lay between the covers scared me. Too much truth – too many good things – they couldn’t possibly apply to me.

Badly as I wanted to pick it up, there it sat. Still sits.

The lies swirling in my head sneak their way into my heart:
– You’re not as pretty/fun/sparkly/skinny/good as you used to be.
– God liked you better back then when you were on fire for Him.
– Your husband is doomed to a miserable life with you.

– The things that book will say you are? You’re not. Everyone else is, but not you
…and I just couldn’t pick it up.

I have a beautiful necklace that declares who I am in God’s heart. Some mornings when I consider clasping it around my neck, I don’t. I decide not to wear it because that morning I don’t believe it’s true. Words like celebrated, cherished, created, chosen… at times, they just don’t ring true for me. I can sit down with a girlfriend or college girl or former youth, and declare these things true for them, but when it comes to my own heart, it’s awfully hard to swallow.

What is it that blocks this blessed truth from permeating our hearts? Living that truth would radically change my life… can you imagine?! Deeply believing, with the same kind of certain as our next breath, that we are


I want to live like that. I want my son to see me living like that. I want to serve the One who made me to live into those words.

Though I haven’t picked it up yet, that book is now on the coffee table in front of the couch where I nurse Sam. I also recommended it to be the next book we study in my small group. I will read it. And that necklace? I’m wearing it right now.

I was provided a free copy of You’re Already Amazing, by Holley Gerth, for review purposes. This is my honest feedback, which you probably figured, since I admitted I hadn’t read it yet. That lovely truth necklace is also HALF OFF right now, and worth every penny. FYI – DaySpring has a bunch of loveliness on sale right now…
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