Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and praise that you left on my last post. You blessed me. The concept of Sam being miniscule and strong, and my grandpa going into fullness of life at the same time has floored me since I realized its occurrence. God, You are sweet and clever and good.
I’m admitting my pain. Tomorrow – today now – I have my 4th visit to the doctor to try to figure out my postpartum pain. It’s been almost 15 weeks and I still can’t walk around Target for more than half an hour without wanting to curl up in a ball in my bed. The last visit, the 3rd visit, they did diagnose the issue – granulation tissue. Basically the cells overcompensate and grow weird. They did part one of a silver nitrate cauterization treatment. Tomorrow they’ll see if the tissue responded to the treatment, and if it didn’t, I have to have a little operation and they’ll cut it out. It’s feels like a big deal. I’ve been quiet about it around here because honestly, until last week I thought I just had to toughen up. Because who has pain this long after a smooth, natural, wonderful labor? Um, me. I’m miserable and feel fat – no working out when you can’t even walk – and can’t bounce my son on the bouncy ball that he loves and I hurt. So scared as I am of the procedure, I don’t even care. I just want to be better.
This weekend was unprecented in weather (as most of March has been around here). We laid a blanket out in our front yard and lounged around, playing with our sweet boy.

don’t you just wanna take a nibble on those toes?!

How was your weekend?

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