**if you missed them, here are parts 1 and part 2**

After Sam was here and we snuggled and cried and rejoiced, and the nurses said he was perfect and healthy, the mama repair began.

I hadn’t had any pain meds during labor and delivery, so when the doctor said I needed plenty of stitches I asked for medicine =) They gave me a blessed injection of Fentanol (sp?), which totally took the edge off the pain of the exam, fundal massage and stitches. I tore internally and externally, so the repairs took awhile.

In the meantime, gazing at my perfect boy was the best pain medicine in the whole world.

faceplant into mommy


It’s been a slow-feeling recovery. I’m tired, and so sore… I have only worn jeans one time, and there’s a reason for that. I’m living in sweatpants. Outings are one-stop (the pediatrician, Target, Walgreens, and one visit to Hallmark), and short. I’m still taking the hospital dosage of advil, supplementing with tylenol, icing daily, and using tucks pads like there’s no tomorrow. A few of my friends who’ve had babies recently seem to be healing SO much faster than I am, and it’s hard for me to see that when the only comfy seat in the house is still the couch. I know I have lots of stitches and I’ll heal in time. I have to keep reminding myself – 14 inch head… =)


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