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There was a lot of groaning and grunting as I fought pushing. The last centimeter of cervix just refused to efface. My nurse called the doctor, and I knew we were close. I don’t remember the doctor arriving, or the second nurse, but somehow they were there. It wasn’t my doctor, but another member of her practice. She said she would just kind of push the tiny bit of cervix over the baby’s head, and that I could push next time I needed to. FINALLY!!!

I got on my back, and the nurses held my feet. I was so terrified to push, but also relieved to not have to fight it any longer. Jared was by my head, holding my hand and rubbing out a cramp in my leg.

I have never been given strength like that before. As I pushed with all my being, I had no thoughts or feelings – I was completely focused on pushing. I’m so glad I didn’t have any pain meds – the nurses were truly coaching me through pushing, and if I had been numb and unable to feel what to do, it would have taken a lot longer. In total, I only pushed for about 10 minutes, through 4 or 5 contractions.

There was one scary moment when the doctor said, “Anna, we have to get this baby out. We’re having a hard time finding it’s heartbeat.” It turned out fine – baby was just soooo low that it was hard to pinpoint the sound. But it sure lit a fire in me, and I bore down with new fervor. He stayed a little stuck, and I was sad when they had to briefly use the vacuum. But it helped my child to escape my womb, and he is just fine, so all was well.

The relief when baby flew out was palpable – huge – like none I’ve ever experienced. Each and every pain immedietly disappeared, and I could breathe without reminder again. They put him straight on my chest, and I was shocked at how big he was! Jared was so taken by the whole thing that I had to ask him, “What is it?!” so he would tell me if we had a baby boy or baby girl. =)

He was already a miracle to us, but if we needed further proof we got it. The placenta was quite irregular. First, it was ‘dual lobed’ and oddly shaped. Second, the spot where the umbilical cord attached was super thin – the nurse could’ve poked her finger right through it. Therefore, there were lots of extra veins throughout it, supporting the blood supply. Had my water broken in another place, we would have started to bleed out. God is good…

Our Samuel.

his very first picture. btw, that head measured 14 inches. ahem.
i love the emotion in this picture.

proud, sweet daddy.
my mom and sister were in the waiting room the whole night.
mom even labored with me for awhile. such a gift.

our first family photo. He’s just a few minutes old.


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