Hi friends! No sweet babe yet… at our doc appt yesterday I was 3cm dilated – good progress over the last week! So we scheduled a ‘just-in-case’ induction for next Tuesday morning. So baby’s birthday will be December 20th or before!! Just having an end date makes me feel like a new woman, with resolve and purpose and drive.

Nothing else really to report for the update, or for belly pics either. Still no cravings, no sleep, good strong Braxton Hicks, slowly losing my mucus plug, and a giant belly =) BUT I did take nursery pictures to show you!! My point and shoot rocks, but these pics are pretty straight forward (no fancy editing). Ready? FYI: there are a LOT of pictures here!

what you see when you peek inside! we went with a nice ‘polar bear’ white paint –
it keeps the room feeling bright and clean.

nysse the dog in front of the changing table. which, btw, was found
at a garage sale and we spraypainted.

pictures from ‘the night you were born’. my little sister framed them.

bookshelves! pictures are of a big bright cardinal in our yard.

so many sweet books – friends & family blessed us with them at showers.
my cozy corner for nursing. the rocker was my parents. the nightstand was my grandparents.
we sanded and painted it (it was bright green!). still getting a rug and footstool.
love this little table!

close-up of what’s on top – sweet books, nightlight, tiny kleenex box, and monitor.
Husby building the crib! We bought it on my due date, cause it’s not like
we had a baby that night =)

all assembled and decked out!! That’s my hospital bag next to it =)

so so cute.
LOVE our bedding! It’s called arctic babies =) It inspired the whole room.
The fabric is lovely – velvets, fuzzies, soft cottons… and a donation
from its’ purchase went to help actual arctic babies!
The bedskirt – red velvet! Hemmed in navy w/polka dots. Be still my heart…

the most important thing…
‘for you are fearfully and wonderfully made…’ -psalm 139
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