Still here. Almost 40 weeks along (39 weeks 5 days today). Hoping this update doesn’t sound whiny, but simply truthful. It’s just not comfortable being this pregnant, which is a good thing – if it were nice and cozy, there would be no drive to get the baby out and I’d be scared. Instead I’m bordering on desperation. =) So here you go:

Cravings:Nothing really. I can’t fit much food in at one time, so mini-meals are the norm. A bowl of cereal, an orange and cheese & crackers, a pbj – all meals I might have in a day. Oh, Husby might say orange juice – I could drink oj and water alllll day long (so I do!)

Sleep:My clock seems to be freaking out a little – I’m asleep by 11, wake up about 230/3, back to sleep, wake for a snack about 530/6, then sometimes go back to bed until 10ish. Naps are also a norm by mid-afternoon. I’m tired all the time and actually have the time to sleep, so I’m taking advantage.

Doctor appointments:They’ve been weekly for the last month. We have one more appointment scheduled for Tuesday – the day after my due date – and I would LOVE to not have to go to it! We’ll see.

How I’m feeling:Eh. Not great. Nothing out of the ordinary – heavy, tired, congested, slow… Anxiety is creeping in – labor more than actual mothering. I have been waiting and longing to be a mom for years. No, I’m more anxious about labor. But I think that’s normal, and I know it will be just fine.

Contractions/signs of labor:Still frequent BH contractions – stronger now than before. I’m slowly losing my mucous plug, and last week was effaced 60% and dilated a good 1cm. The nesting has been accomplished – I was crazy and feverish to get decorated for Christmas, and now my house is a winter wonderland =) Last week I had a meltdown because I hated the nursery, so we spent some more time in there and now I love it =) ps – I’ll post pictures of the nursery and a Christmas house tour this week.

The Bumper:These are my favorite pics yet:

this is my favorite. i love the bumpiness and mittens!

alllll belly.


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