A baby, growing ounce by ounce in my womb.
Not able to breathe deeply.
Diapers and blankies and mittens sprawled across the nursery.
Varicose veins.
Constant stuffy nose.
Closets overflowing with tiny clothes.
Puffy feet.
Carpal tunnel. Painful, stiff, swollen hands.
Books lining shelves on a freshly painted wall.
Sleep interrupted hourly.
Surging hormones and emotions.
A carseat installed in my backseat.
A pancake-flat bladder.
Fear of labor and delivery.
‘Babys 1st Christmas’ ornament waiting for the tree.
Mounting anticipation over meeting baby.
A stretched, already tight budget.
An heirloom cradle in our bedroom.

These are ALL things we fought to have for over 3 years. I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

**37 week update: all is well! I’ve started to dilate a teeny tiny bit, strong heartbeat, head is down, weight’s maintained, measurements are good, carseat is installed… We’re getting close!

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