This being pregnant thing is flying past. Honestly, I thought time would slow down a bit. We waited so long to be here… I thought the days would pass at the same rate. Not so much. Anyways, I’m about 23.5 weeks along! Here’s the update:

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon PopTarts. I think we have a case of them in the kitchen.
Bacon. At my request, Husby has made me just bacon a few times in the last couple weeks!

I wake up about 430 every morning. Husby then goes out to the couch and I can sprawl out in the bed. He has a whole system worked out with Nysse the dog =) He lays on the little loveseat, and puts his feet on the armchair where Nysse is snuggled. So cute!

How I’m feeling:
Generally good! A few first trimester symptoms are creeping back in – fatigue finds me, appetite leaves me, and here and there I get short of breath. That was really scary the first times it happened, but the nurse (and my mom) assured me that it’s normal. Baby is just snuggling up to my lungs, and could’ve had a growth spurt too. My next doc appt is Tuesday, and we’ll do the glucose test that day too.

Baby gear purchased:
– a barely used pack-n-play (a ridiculously great Craigslist find)
– a changing table (garage sale)
– changing pad and covers (ikea)
– a high chair (super good Craigslist deal)

the Bump (and the dog):

melt. my. heart.

These are my favorite bump pictures yet. =)
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