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i saw this tweet yesterday, and it made my heart quicken and unfroze my fingers. @HeatheroftheEO: Listen to her RT @amyturnsharp: if you make your blog too precious- you won't write on it very often. be messy. be flip. be nuts. be you. this has not been how i've...

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of Autumn Spice Bread and quiet moments

The last couple weeks have been so jam-packed for my little family. We had two weddings, both out of town, both of us in the bridal parties, on back-to-back weekends. Things are ramping up at work, and I'm trying to log some extra hours before being on baby leave....

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week 23.5 (& my very favorite bump pics!)

This being pregnant thing is flying past. Honestly, I thought time would slow down a bit. We waited so long to be here... I thought the days would pass at the same rate. Not so much. Anyways, I'm about 23.5 weeks along! Here's the update:Cravings:Brown Sugar and...

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week 20 – halfway!

Unreal! We are halfway to snuggling up baby! We had a doctors appointment and ultrasound yesterday, which was just amazing. This whole process of growing a person has made me think daily about Psalm 139, which is my very favorite chunk of Scripture: For you created my...

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on the other side of a year

One year ago this week, I lost my baby.One year ago this week, my husband and I left our camp jobs and moved back to MN (and in with my mom).One year ago this week, I won a ticket to BlogHer10 in NYC. I needed joy & direction.-------This week, I am 19 weeks pregnant,...

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an intersection.

Last weekend we had a garage sale. I went inside to the bathroom, and after using the toilet saw blood in it. And not just a spot or two. Enough to make my face drain of color and my hands start shaking. I woke up and the mattress beneath me was soaked. We had dragged...

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a secret, unfurled.

For weeks now, I have been guarding a secret. A secret that I can hardly believe is mine. I am in love and terrified and breathless and joyfilled, all at the same time. My heart continues to be broken for all of us who want to be moms so bad we ache, and I hardly know...

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a milestone, passed.

My husband was coaching at a big tournament all weekend, so Nysse the dog and I spent most of the weekend together. Together, we: - laid on the bed and watched the snow and birds out the window, - played fetch with her favorite, green bone, - baked pumpkin muffins, -...

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My Mess

I have struggled with writing in the way that my heart is calling me to write - transparently, freely, truly sharing my mess. But lately I feel like there is just too much mess to share. Jealousy has a hold on me. I feel straight up envy of those who are pregnant. And...

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an ornament for 2010.

I wanted to share one very special ornament that we have purchased and will hang on our tree this year, and all our years to come. The picture is a little wonky, but you can kind of see it. A shell, with a pearl in it, inscribed with, "Every life leaves something...

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