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on soup & healing {Unstuffed Green Pepper Soup}

Soup is, perhaps, the ultimate comfort food. When one feels ill, soup. On a rainy or chilly day, soup. For heartbreak, soup. And so it was that last night, the only thing on my mind for supper was soup. All is not right in the world. When bombs explode. When we don't...

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on time {(in)couragement for working moms}

I'm not a typical working mom. My job is part-time, and I do it from home, only going into the office one morning a week. This arrangement has allowed me to be at home with my Boy, belong to two during-the-day moms groups, and save a bundle by not using much...

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on beauty for ashes {i hope}

I want to fill this new shiny space with joy, only sweetness, all things pink and sugary. I have a book review due two hours ago and a cookbook review&giveaway slated for two days ago. There are adorable pictures from our Easter Sunday waiting to be uploaded, and...

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on Easter reflecting

Growing up, my mother was (and still is) a church choir director. She had to be at church for all the services, including the sunrise service, so the Easter bunny would leave our baskets in the car =) It's Easter weekend. Though there you can still measure the snow in...

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on how we’re doing

Since publishing this, so many of you have sent well-wishes, prayers, good thoughts, love through the internet and telephone. It's only been a few days, but already we've gotten flowers, coffee, a dear card in the real mail. There hasn't been much time to ask how...

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on the thing i have to tell you that i never wanted to say

We lost another baby last week. Honestly, the swirl of emotions in my head and heart is so intense and hard to define that I don't really know what to type, how to direct my fingers, what to say. There are too many words to write, and no words to write, at the same...

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on why I don’t have working moms guilt

This week I asked women in our (in)couraging Working New Moms group to share pictures of their work spaces. The resulting pictures made me think that these women were proud of their spaces. Had anyone told them that it's ok to feel that pride? Because it is. By the...

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on Lent and social media and nursing my baby

There's this commercial where an interviewer asks kidlets what's better - doing one thing at a time, or two things at once. Here, take a peek: This breaks my heart a bit. May I share a secret with you? Sometimes I want to completely unplug and run away with my family....

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on Weeknight Dinners: Herbed Parmesan Squash

OK, I promised another side dish recipe. This one got my mother - not a squash fan - to say, 'I didn't even hate it!' =) Hi mom! It makes me look forward to this summer and fall, when our neighborhood farmers market will be heavy with squash. Honestly, I am so looking...

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on Weeknight Dinners: Buttery Scalloped Potatoes

I'm terribly boring when it comes to side dishes. I tend to choose from a handful of default options: frozen green vegetable, brown rice, green salad, couscous... the end. So I knew I had to try a couple sides from Gooseberry Patch's Weeknight Dinners, and they now...

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on Weeknight Dinners: Slow-Cooked Minestrone

Here in Minnesota, we've gotten snow every single day this week, which totally thrills me! I love snow. Love it. Doesn't matter what time of day it snows, it gives me Christmas morning feeling. Is there anything better than cozying up by the fireplace, hunkering down...

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