Here are a few images and quotes to share from the book. Thank you!

– Anna 

Quotes/Tweets/Instagram captions:

All of creation breathes theology — even the pumpkin patch. // From #pumpkinspiceforyoursoul, by @annaerendell:

Joy isn’t limited to perfection. // From #pumpkinspiceforyoursoul, by @annaerendell:

On a crisp autumn morning, when joy is ripe for the finding, grab ahold. // From #pumpkinspiceforyoursoul, by @annaerendell:

Differences don’t have to create drama at the dinner table. // From #pumpkinspiceforyoursoul, by @annaerendell:

We are thought of. We are loved. And we never have to hide… // From #pumpkinspiceforyoursoul, by @annaerendell:

On the days when we feel tiny, insignificant, and as though we don’t really matter, we need to remember that each and every breath we take was given by God. // From #pumpkinspiceforyoursoul, by @annaerendell:

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