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Great for gifts!

Whether you’re still dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes or your Christmas decorations have yet to come down, there are words for you on these pages.

I offer these books from my heart to yours, written over pumpkin spice lattes and sugarplum visions. Grab one of each, or double up on one for a heartfelt gift.

31 Week Bumpdate!

Yeow. Single digits, people - SINGLE DIGITS until we meet this baby. This baby, our grace/bonus/surprise/gift baby that I still can't even believe is coming. The symptoms list is getting longer, the days are getting shorter, and we're in the single digit weeks to...

On My Top 5 Non-Pumpkin Spice Fall Favorites

It's the first day of autumn! While you know I love me some good pumpkin spice everything, I deeply adore parts of autumn that have nothing to do with pumpkins. Or boots, or sweaters, or even the crisp air. For real. Here are a few of my non-pumpkin spice fall...

On Claiming Calm in Our Everyday

I may be a bit of a summertime Scrooge, but it feels like my family got slighted a bit this year with all the house craziness and pregnant mama chaos. I missed moments, entire days wiped out by fluster. My husband and I went on exactly two dates, and there was no...

On the ‘More’ My Heart Needs

I wrote recently about being a megaphone, about living in my sweet spot, about the job that has my hands and heart. Here's what I didn't share: sometimes it's hard to watch others rise while you fall. Over the past year especially, I've intentionally pulled back from...

An Invitation to Be Beautiful

. . . This is grace, an invitation to be beautiful . . . We are invited, each of us, to be beautiful. To see and seek beauty in our everyday, in each other. And so our charge is not how to become more beautiful, but to ask instead: how can I add to the beauty? Does...

On Being a Megaphone

I've written here at Girl with Blog for nearly 8 years. I've written an ebook and edited/curated another. I've submitted words to publishers, websites and blogs. I work with words. I steep in words. I wrestle words into 140 characters. I think written words all day....

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