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Pumpkin Spice For Your Soul:

25 Devotions for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to take back the reins of our self-care intentions. To pause and actually care for ourselves. Let’s enjoy our lattes, oh yes, but let’s also spend time focusing on that which truly fills our hearts and cares for our souls.

It is my prayer that the pause found on these pages would provide you a moment of peace. A break in the hustle and bustle. A chance to drink deep and savor this fleeting and favored season. 

A Moment of Christmas:

Daily Devotions for Time-strapped Moms

It’s my prayer that we moms will make room for the peace and fullness of joy this season is meant to exude. I want my children to see me making room for Him in my inn, even amidst the to-do list.

Whether it’s at the beginning of the day (before kids and life demand) or at the end of a long day before finally collapsing into bed – whenever you take a moment for yourself, I pray you allow the peace of the season to wash over you.

Sunday Simplicity: palm sunday

The people gave him a wonderful welcome, some throwing their coats on the street, others spreading out rushes they had cut in the fields. Running ahead and following after, they were calling out, Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in God's name! Blessed the coming...

thanks, an admission, and playing outside

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and praise that you left on my last post. You blessed me. The concept of Sam being miniscule and strong, and my grandpa going into fullness of life at the same time has floored me since I realized its occurrence. God,...


**warning: this post contains pictures, raw and beautiful, of my grandpa as he was dying** A year ago this week, my dear grandpa went Home. I held his hand and sobbed with my husband as grandpa's soul left the shell his body had become. Grandpa had celebrated his 90th...

everyday miracles

My friends at LoveFeast Table are having a party today to celebrate their new Gathered Thoughts box, and I'm one of the 'hostesses'. Join us at the table! I can't help but drink in my new baby boy. His fingers, toes, belly button, round tongue, looooong eyelashes,...

on real friends, in real life {inRL2012}

During the childrens sermon, in my white patent leather Mary Janes, I solemnly listened as the pastor spoke. 'Friends', he said, 'are from the Lord. Today, just ask someone to be your friend. It's that easy!' And everyone knows that if a pastor said it, it must be...

Garlic-Angel Hair Pasta & Shrimp

When I was featured on the Gooseberry Patch blog almost two years ago, they asked me what my 30 minute go-to meal was. My answer was shrimp scampi! Now I am an early bird reviewer, and we still have scampi a few times a month. It's so yummy and simple, we love it. I...

Colorful Couscous Salad

There’s nothing better than down home, country style comfort food. That’s exactly what Gooseberry Patch excels at providing us – tried and true family recipes for delicious meals and sides, sweet treats and beverages. The new Meals in Minutes: 10th Anniversary Edition...

why I’m counting

I have a tendency toward melancholy. Staying indoors, overcast days, mid-winter bare trees, being quiet... I don't mind these things. They make me cozy and calm. Because I know this about myself, when I was pregnant I asked my husband to keep an eye on me and my...

Vegetables and Other Good Things

Years ago, my husband and I both quit our jobs and moved to live and work at a Bible camp on the prairie of North Dakota. In the end, we knew it wasn't a good fit for us, and we left and returned to the Twin Cities in MN. While there were lots of things that I don't...

on being a parent

I have been a mama to my sweet Samuel for 7 weeks and 2 days (plus there were those 40 weeks of pregnancy...) In that blink of an eye time, I feel like I've learned more than I have throughout my whole entire life, and like I've learned nothing, all at once. The only...

just write: cry.

that tiny cry. so bitty, so strong, and so loud. sometimes i just cry with him. the only surefire soother is my breast, and he can't stay there all day (though i think he would, if i let him). the exercise ball works too, but nysse the dog popped it (seriously). i...

a birth story {part 3}

**if you missed them, here are parts 1 and part 2** After Sam was here and we snuggled and cried and rejoiced, and the nurses said he was perfect and healthy, the mama repair began.I hadn't had any pain meds during labor and delivery, so when the doctor said I needed...

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