A Moment of Christmas:

25 December Devotions for Moms

It’s my prayer that we moms will make room for the peace and fullness of joy this season is meant to exude. I want my children to see me making room for Him in my inn, even amidst the to-do list.

Whether it’s at the beginning of the day (before kids and life demand) or at the end of a long day before finally collapsing into bed – whenever you take a moment for yourself, I pray you allow the peace of the season to wash over you.

Pumpkin Spice For Your Soul:

25 Devotions for Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to take back the reins of our self-care intentions. To pause and actually care for ourselves. Let’s enjoy our lattes, oh yes, but let’s also spend time focusing on that which truly fills our hearts and cares for our souls.

It is my prayer that the pause found on these pages would provide you a moment of peace. A break in the hustle and bustle. A chance to drink deep and savor this fleeting and favored season. 

on seeing myself {and the photos that got me there}

I was able to slide into a last minute headshot slot last month at the Allume conference. I had just cut bangs, and my last headshot was over a year old, so in general I thought it would be worth a $20 update. Today the photos were made available for download, and I...

on Redemptive Sloppy Joes {a Gooseberry Patch recipe}

The seasons, they are a-changin' round these parts. Temperatures have been in the 30's and 40's, the sun is setting around 5:00, and tomorrow is supposed to bring real snow! So it's a cozy food kind of week, starting out with these BBQ/sloppy joe sandwiches. And also,...

on choosing joy {a simply honest #girlwithbaby update}

So. Like a month ago, I was all, 'The Boy's going to be a big brother!! K bye.' And then crickets from me about it. I could tell you it's been busy, which is true. I could tell you how I got the flu and was in bed for a week, and how I still have a cough and stuffy...

on Five Minute Friday: together

**written freely on the iPad from the Allume conference.** Linking up again with Five Minute Friday at the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker‘s.The rules: write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.Hop over to her place to find out the full scoop...

on Egg Muffins {a Gooseberry Patch recipe!}

Husby made these one night when I was particularly sick and un-interested in food, but The Boy  was saying, 'Eat! Eat! I need to eat!' So we thought dinner was probably in order. He put these together in no time and they were really good. I can see doubling the recipe...

on Perfectly Pumpkin Pancakes {a Gooseberry Patch recipe}

We love pancakes in this house. And add pumpkin... bigger love. So it was only right to make the very first recipe in the whole Hometown Harvest cookbook =) It made a nice big batch, and we have a couple bags full in the freezer. Helpful hint: did you know you can...

on The Boy’s new shirt =)

on The Boy’s new shirt =)

details: Due in April {Easter week!}. Currently 10w4d and feeling horrible - awful nausea, headaches, and fatigue. I'm on progesterone for a couple more weeks, zofran for the nausea, and extra vitamin D and B6. We've had two ultrasounds and both were perfect. There's...

on showing myself grace {a OneWord365 update}

I've realized this week that I've been slowly chipping away at reaching my  OneWord365 for 2013, but haven't done even one update. Oops =) The word I chose for my year was 'soft', and though I haven't done an official update it's not been far from my mind. Ever. It's...

on the parade of perfect that I don’t see

I keep reading posts about how everyone only shares the shiny pretty parts of their lives. Posts about how we have to stop comparing our lives to others, because all the others are only sharing the best parts of theirs. Posts about how we should be real with each...

on Five Minute Friday: red

Linking up again with Five Minute Friday at the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker‘s.The rules: write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.Hop over to her place to find out the full scoop behind FMF, and to visit other posts that were freely written in...

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