When I read Priscilla’s words on Sabbath in “Fervent” on idols, on motivation and agenda, my heart sank a bit as the truth rose to the surface.

My mind flashed to a scene that repeats itself far too often in my real life:

A cooing baby girl in her carseat placed on the stroller, a mischievous one-year-old plopped in the front seat of the stroller, and a four-year-old walking alongside, sulking because I confiscated the red marker threatening to stain his clean shirt. We stride into school/the meeting/gathering slightly winded. Someone kindly greets us and asks how I’m doing. “OK,” I huff. “Sweaty!” I reply, laughing. “Late,” I chide with a head tilted to my kids. Only after delivering each child to their classroom or settling in at my table am I able to breathe and take in my surroundings, which may include a meal, the promise of fun, and always include friends — certainly others who ‘get’ this season of life I’m living. As I pack up to leave, I sigh heavy again, ready to face our sweaty, loud, messy exit.

— end scene —

Do you see? I didn’t, not until Strategy 8 pointed it out.

I don’t flaunt how busy we are. I don’t base my worth on all the yeses I muster. But I wear stress like a badge of honor, instead of joy like a crown.

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