My friends.

When I wrote that post on Tuesday night, fraught with feeling so much all at once, you were there. You left comments and texted me and wrote emails and DM’s on twitter. You said you’d pray, that you were sorry, that this was miserable. You offered to bring meals, run errands, snuggle baby Sam, even offered frozen breastmilk because you knew I had to use all of my tiny stash. You supported me and held me up and I felt it. I am so appreciative and blessed.

Thank you.

Surgery went smoothly. Sam woke up to nurse right before we had to leave, the little darling. We were at the hospital at the crack of dawn, smiling as we recalled the last time we walked through those doors was when I was in labor. My doctor was able to get all the granulation and scar tissue. I’ll go back in two weeks, and the stitches should have dissolved by then. Hopefully that will be my last visit to my OB for a year. I really like her, but I wouldn’t mind not seeing her for a while.

I feel pretty sore. OK, I feel really horribly sore, like my hooha just got cut and stitched up. Weird. =) I’ve been moving (slowly) from bed to couch to couch and back to bed. Sam’s done a lot of side-lying nursing, as it’s pretty hard to actually sit.

In my not able to do anything-ness, I started reading a I don’t even have to review it! This morning I read this sentence:

When this is all over, I’m throwing my body an awards banquet.
Anne Lamott, Operating Instructions

I think I may just do that.
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