And in the blink of an eye, it’s been two weeks.

I miss you guys. And writing here. Sigh.


One of the many things that no one can teach you before your baby arrives is that you will now have to make constant choices. I’m not talking about cloth vs disposable, pacifiers or none, which pediatrician you’ll see, when to start solids, bedtimes, vaccines, stay at home or work, daycare or not, type of clothing, to swaddle or not to swaddle, sling or stroller…

No, I’m talking about the choices you have to make for yourself, every minute.
– shower or get an email written?
– go to the bathroom or let baby keep sleeping on your lap?
– blog or take a nap?
– talk about the day with your husby after baby’s asleep, or go to sleep yourselves?
– eat popcorn for dinner because it’s the only thing I can make with one hand?
– wake baby to nurse or be late to the appointment?
– take the time to get dressed or toss on sweats again because they’re fast?
– go to the grocery when you’re out of food or stay home because you know the baby will cry at the store?
– call a friend to chat or soak in the rare silence?

With a babe, you get one of the things. You can do one thing. No more quick errands, no perusing Pinterest, no vegging out with the TV. And when baby is asleep, you move at lightning speed to get as much done as possible. Though that’s a choice too – run around checking off the to-do list or collapse or shower or work…

But some things aren’t a choice at all: 
– The quickening of your heart when he snuggles close.
– The smile that spreads fast across your face when  he grins toothy at you.
– The heart-swelling pride when he accomplishes something or just is being adorable.
– The glow when he wakes up looking for you, and laughing when his eyes land on yours.
– The love that grows and grows and grows and knows neither depth nor limit.

Some things just are, and you get them all.

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